Ed Sheeran X Concert…

Wow. And I mean wow! I can honestly say this is one of my favourite concerts I have EVER been to in my concert career. Here are some photos of the amazing night…



There were three opening acts at the concert; Foy Vance, Passenger and Rudimental. I unfortunately missed Foy Vance because at the time he was playing, I was still stuck trying to find a car spot to park in. But the other two opening acts were incredible! Passenger had a really beautiful voice, and Rudimental just put on a crazy party.

Yesterday was a hot day, almost 35 degrees Celsius, so I was kind of nervous about how hot it would be in the massive stadium, open to the sky. However, the heat eventually went away and a crazy storm took its place! Before Ed even came on stage the skies opened up and just bucketed down on the mosh pit (luckily I was under cover!), but no one cared all that much.





When Ed came on the crowd just screamed and screamed their heads off, and what made the concert even more amazing was the constant lightening going on in the sky, it was like we had an extra light show going on around us. Even after the concert, the craziness continued. Just before me, my sister and my best friend got to our car, the rain started pouring again, and we, and thousands of other people, just bolted for our cars, causing absolute mayhem! But it was all in great spirit, and everyone was squealing and laughing.

I cannot praise Ed Sheeran enough for his performance. He is once of the most talented and deserving artists in the world right now, and to perform to almost 50,000 people with just your voice and your guitar, that’s when you know someone is truly talented.


My makeup was simple for this concert; I used my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, Bourjois eyeliner, and my Nars Hot Sand illuminator for such a warm day.

I had such a great experience that I will remember for a long time, and I definitely want to see him again next time he comes out to Sydney.

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