Taylor Swift 1989 Concert…

So, this girl got to see Taylor Swift in concert in Sydney on Saturday! And it was amazing! In a massive stadium of 76,000 people, you know it’s going to be a great concert, and I can’t even describe how fun it was, so I thought I’d just do a little photo blog today, of some of the best moments.





Vance Joy was the opening act for the tour, and he was outstanding as well! It was literally just him and his guitar, playing his songs and he sounded beautiful, more than I expected. When he began to play ‘Riptide’, everyone simply got to their feet and sang the whole song along with him, and that is my favourite part of concerts. When everyone knows all the lyrics and can basically sing the song for them is so great!



My makeup is Nars eyeshadow due in Isolde, and my lipstick is Maybelline  Colour Drama velvet lip pencil in  Pink So Chic. I love this lipstick, and I don’t wear it enough, because I thought it was a really deep berry. But it looks quite like a purple-y fuchsia colour on my lips. And even though our seats were quite far back in the stadium, we really didn’t care because the energy in the stadium was so high and buzzing that anywhere you sat, you would’ve felt it!






I wish there was more photos, but my phone ran out of storage about half way through the concert so I couldn’t take pictures of everything 😦 but that’s okay because I had a great time experiencing it!

What concerts have you gone to that you have absolutely loved? Let me know in the comments!

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