Huge Christmas Lush Haul

Lushmas is just around the corner, and I’ve stocked up in preparation for my Christmassy themed baths! I’m in love with the many amazing limited edition products that come out every time this year, but this is the first year where I’ve really gone Lush-crazy and bought almost everything in the collection. There is no doubt in the world that Lush is one of the best cult brands for skin care, and bath and shower goods, and I’m a huge fan. Among the blogging community, Lush is seen as one brand that never fails to please, with the greatest bath bombs on the market, and the nicest sales staff to help you out with your Lush spree, so no doubt we keep going back for more!






Products Featured:

Dashing Santa bath bomb

Cinders bath bomb

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Candy Mountain bubble bar

Peeping Santa bubble bar

Christingle body conditioner

Butterbear bath bomb

Yog Nog soap

Holly Go Lightly bubble bar

Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

Yog Nog bath bomb

Lord of Misrule bath ballistic

Lord of Misrule shower gel/cream

The collection features bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps and body conditioners, to make the whole bathing experience a very festive one. And these twelve products that I have recently bought for the upcoming silly season definitely make my bath super warm, nice smelling and festive. While I haven’t used all of them yet, the ones I have used are amazing! And I’m seriously looking forward to using the rest after reading multiple reviews of other bath bombs like Golden Wonder and Cinders on others ladies blogs.




So far I have used the Lord of Misrule bath ballistic, and gel, Butterbear, and the Magic of Christmas wand. I have not been disappointed so far. I think Lord of Misrule was technically considered a Halloween product with black pepper oil and patchouli being very Halloween-y ingredients, but I’m lumping it in with the rest of my Christmas products because it was just so gorgeous when I dropped it in the water. A burst of colour just comes out of this little package, with greens, blues, and pinks and purples seeping out and swirling around my bathtub. I was surprised at the colour it turned out to be, with it initially being a green/turquoise colour, the end result after it stopped ‘bath bombing’ was a deep, deep midnight blue colour, so dark it almost looked black at certain points.

The Butterbear bath bomb is so cute and smells amazing. Shaped like a little bear, it’s packed with cocoa butter and Fair Trade vanilla so it makes the bath water so soothing, soft and moisturising. And the last one I have recently been able to use was the Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand. This bar is a concoction of cinnamon, almond and clove, which creates an orange, golden tinged bath with bubbles just to make it more fun. As much as I loved this, the only downfall was its attachment to the stick. As soon as I swished it around the water the whole star just fell of the cinnamon stick and I unfortunately had to use the whole thing as it begun to break apart in the water. This didn’t bother me too much, as I loved the scent and softness it gave the water anyway, I just got more bubble than I bargained for!



I’m very pleased with my Lush haul this year, what products have you bought from Lush’s collection?

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